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Takoma Park, MD, 20912
United States

Art by Sharon (Wren) Rogers

studio. spring 2013


studio. spring 2013

Sharon Rogers



I am concerned with transformation, perception, and space. I was born with strabismus - in laymans’ terms, crossed eyes. In order not to see double, I learned to quickly look out of one eye and then the other. Although this dynamic worked on some levels, it prohibited me from seeing in three dimensions and my world was never stable or fixed because I was always changing my visual location. My new paintings (the space between) are born out of the process of retraining my brain so that I can learn to see in three dimensions and experience space in a new way. I am working with simple shapes and forms. Much of my color palettes are taken from things in the natural world - butterflies, birds, mushrooms - while other palettes are sourced from man-made objects - bicycles, magazine covers, coffee cups. The colors are then remapped onto simple geometric shapes. Through these paintings, I hope to provide a ground or visual marker to aid in the perception and understanding of space.

Sharon (Wren) Rogers, 2013